TGIF. Let’s talk Metallics.

This post came at a perfect time. It’s currently raining outside (gotta love Oregon) and I’d rather be talking about something a little more bright and shiny like…


Metallics are all the rage right now and I think it’s awesome. This trend is growing and it takes me back to “Zenon- Girl of the 21st Century” days. One of the best Disney movies no doubt. What girl didn’t want to dress like Zenon?! Turns out that movie was foreshadowing the Spring/Summer trends of 2013.

Fashion is going Futuristic!

Shine On.
Metallics are super fun to experiment with. No need to feel overwhelmed. You can pull Metallics from anywhere.
You can start from the ground up; with a pair of Metallic flats or heels. Or you can incorporate Metallics by painting your nails a Metallic color and mixing in some fierce Metallic accessories like rings, bracelets and handbags.
Fearless fashion leaders can go all out. Shining from head to toe in the latest Metallic fashions.
Stand out in the crowd with an eye-catching ensemble.
 Skirts, shorts, dresses…the possibilities are endless.
Leather and Metallics go hand in hand. Try and pair a Metallic piece with leather; like a jacket or pants.
Let your light shine and own that Metallic.
metallic metallic7metallic8metallic4metallic5
Now guys…Metallics aren’t only for the girls. You’re probably thinking how in the heck am I supposed to wear Metallic and still feel like a dude. Well it’s simple really. A lot of the Metallic fashions for guys are all in the suits and jackets. Feel better now? Take a look…
You can look super smashing for a party or  a fancy night out with your lady friend.
Nike has come out with Metallic jackets for men, which gives off a more relaxed and casual feel. A jacket that you would feel comfortable hanging out with your friends in.
Guys can be fashion forward too!!
Metallics give you an opportunity to express yourself in a way that allows you to shine!
Start small with the details like Metallic accessories, or go for a more bold statement and dress up in a Metallic skirt or jacket.
The world is your oyster.
I actually really don’t like oysters.
Anyways, shine on and things of that nature…
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