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Campus Character.

When walking around a college campus in Oregon there is something you don’t see very often: cowboy boots.

But there is one girl you can find walking around a college campus in Oregon in cowboy boots.

Just about everyday.

She has just a few pairs and has really created a style and personal look for herself.

Get the low down…

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Name: Christine Swanson

Year: Senior

Major: Studio Art


“Hanging out with friends, making new friends, going on adventures, painting, woodworking, pottery, hiking, horseback riding, gardening, talking about Jesus, singing, sunflowers, playing guitar, line-dancing, going on joy-rides in my pickup through the country, painting my nails, fishing, camping, and anything you can do outdoors!”

Who or what inspires you?

“I am inspired by the beautiful simple things in life; the colors of fall, a good conversation with a friend, being in God’s incredible creation.  I am also inspired by genuine people and I love hearing their stories.”

Where do you like to shop?

“I love shopping at Anthropology and Urban Outfitters (when there is a sale rack), but I also love the treasure hunt of finding great things at thrift stores like Goodwill.  I like the challenge of looking nice without draining my bank account.  After all, I am a poor college student!”

Where is your outfit from?

Shirt: Urban Outfitters
Jeans: Francesca’s
Boots: Goodwill
Rings: Saturday market and rejects from Grandma’s collection
How would you describe your personal style?
“I love cowgirl boots (I have seven pairs) and flannel.  I suppose I have a “country” kind of style.  I also love to be comfortable but look nice at the same time.  When it comes to jewelry I stick to wearing rings and I have quite the collection!  When it is warmer outside sundresses and sandals are my friend.  Also you cant go wrong with lace!  Love that stuff.”
Why did you choose this outfit?
“I chose this outfit because it is comfortable and I feel good wearing it.  Flannel, boots and a scarf feel nice on a cold day.  There’s no way I am gonna catch a cold this fall!!  I also wear three to four rings at a time on an average day, so if I got in a fight… I’d win.”
Who are your favorite designers?

I really love Anthropology.  If I could only wear clothes from one store for the rest of my life this would be the store hands down!”
Any favorite trends?

I love that cowgirl boots are in now.  I have always loved them so it is a bonus that they are actually in style now!!”
If you could raid anyone’s closet who’s would it be?

“Anna Bramson’s closet.  This girl has got style.  If I had to have a plan B I would go with raiding my sister Breanne’s closet because she is quite the fashionista herself and her closet is twice the size of mine.  You better believe there’s some gold in there.”
I had nothing to do with that last answer…for the record.
It’s really what she said.
 The Boots
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Like I said, she just has a few pairs…
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Cowboy boots are great boots for fall. They can be layered over denim, tights, leggings.
You can also add a pair of fun boot socks for a little more sass.
Your options are endless.
They are also durable shoes; sure to keep your feet dry walking across a wet campus.
The Flannel
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 Who doesn’t like a good flannel?!

You can never go wrong layering a flannel for extra warmth on these cool fall days.
Paring it with a good denim pant; it’s it a win/win.
It’s also a perfect look for Christine’s love for the outdoors.
A good flannel makes me think of camping, roasting marshmallows and having a good time with friends.
The accessories
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I’m  a huge fan of rings.
Hand bling.
These turquoise rings add a pop of color to Christine’s outfit.
Adding a little bit of personality to any outfit can be achieved by using some fun accessories.
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Christine’s love for nature and the great outdoors is evident in her choice of outfit.
It makes me want to curl up in front of a bonfire or go for a good hike with friends.
I think  everyone should just start wearing cowboy boots.
Well maybe not everyone.
Don’t want to get ahead of myself here.
Anyways, it’s Halloween friends!
Go out and have a fun and safe night.
Stay stylish and things of that nature…
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Campus Character.

It’s October, friends.

You know what that means: pumpkin flavored everything, wearing layers on layers, crisp fall mornings and Halloween is just around the corner.

The leaves are starting to change and campus couldn’t be looking more festive.

When I saw Kali, she was comfy and casual for a cool fall day, but she was still summer dreaming.

We made our way to Coffee Cottage, got some lovely drinks, and caught up on life.

Get the low down…

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Name: Kali LeFebre

Year: Senior

Major: Finance

Hobbies: Reading, hanging out with friends and being outside.

Who or what inspires you: Probably the great outdoors and my need for comfy-ness at all times. I’m a country girl at heart so if it’s not an outfit that I could potentially wear around the farm, I probably don’t wear it that often. I love being outside and looking cute at the same time!

Where do you like to shop?:I honestly can’t think of a place I don’t like to shop. Right now my favorite places are Urban Outfitters, North Face, and Levis.

Tell me about your outfit. Where is your outfit from:

Sweater: Gap
Basic-t: Kohls and patterned pocket added by me.
Jeans: Levis
Shoes: Toms
Rings: Vacation trips
Bracelet: Etsy
Bag: A gift from my dad from Brazil
How would you describe your personal style: Comfy and outdoorsy with a little bit of city flare.
Why did you choose this outfit: I’m having a hard time getting away from summer and this is typically what I wear around the bonfire on summer evenings.
Any favorite trends right now: My favorite trend that comes back every fall is plaid shirts layered under a warm vest!
If you could raid anyone’s closet who’s would it be:  Jennifer Aniston. She seems so classy and comfy all in one.
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
The Sweater/Tee/Jeans:
Kali had a playful mix of colors and prints.
Her bright tee caught my eye and the fun pocket was an awesome touch to add that little bit of “city flare” Kali likes to go for.
It’s even better that she added it herself!
The gray cardigan pairs well with the tee, and gives her that little extra warmth walking around Newberg on a chilly day.
The Levi’s were a great basic casual denim, that would go well with any top.
They were cuffed at the bottom of course.
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The Accessories:
Kali was sporting all silver jewelry when I saw her.
Her various rings were from vacation trips she’s gone on and her bracelet she purchased on Etsy.
It’s a cute story…she and one of her friends both got one with the others initial on it.
Cute friends!
The bracelets say, “stuck in her daydream” from the song “A-Team” by Ed Sheeran.
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The Shoes:
Her earthy toned TOMS added that great touch of nature to her outfit.
It emphasized her love for the outdoors and her casual style.
A great practical shoe for walking around campus or if she were out with friends.
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The bag:
This bag with its fantastic detail was a gift from her father from Brazil.
I wish I had a bag from Brazil.
I actually just want to go to Brazil.
Who’s with me?!
I think Kali encompasses casual college style while still being able to express herself.
She kept her causal comfy side while still keeping it fashionable and trendy.
Her outfit is perfect for a day of classes or going out and hanging with friends at a coffee shop or walking down Main Street in Newberg.
She could probably even walk around the farm in this outfit.
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Well, as the days get colder, the clothes get warmer.
Layers people, more layers!
This is just about the only time it’s appropriate to wear as many shirts… under your sweater… with your scarf… as you want!
Fall is here and I couldn’t be more happy about it.
Go out and be inspired.
Go try and sew on your own fun pocket on a basic tee you have laying around.
I just might.
Stay stylish and things of that nature…
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