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Campus Character.

With the fog rolling in, the reality of the gray days here in Oregon are becoming more of a reality.

I knew this day would come, but I was hoping to post pone it for as long as possible.

But when I saw Chloe wearing a pair of shorts, it gave me hope that maybe the sun would stick around a while longer.

Or at least we could all have some wishful thinking.

Because after all, who doesn’t like that?!

Get the low down…

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Name: Chloe Shostak

Year: Junior

Major: Major in Studio Arts with a Minor in Fashion

Hobbies: “I love being outside–bike riding, swimming, or hiking. I also love to read and to draw. Mostly I love to laugh.”

Who or what inspires you? “I’m inspired by the world around me whether it be the beautiful natural life or different cultures from around the world.”

Where do you like to shop? “I don’t have a specific place or places I love to shop. I mostly just am always looking for that piece that really draws my attention, and that piece could be anywhere. It could be a thrift store, my mom’s closet, Anthroplogie, Forever 21, Target–just anywhere. But I always love a good deal!”

Tell me about your outfit. Where is it from? “My outfit is from a bunch of different places. The sweater used to be my great aunt’s from the 1950’s. The shirt is from Free People, and the shorts are from Madewell. The shoes are from Target.”

How would you describe your personal style? “My personal style is really just whatever I’m in the mood for. There are days I feel fancy, and that’s how I dress. There are days that I feel grungy, and that is exactly how I convey myself to the world through dress. I can’t say that I have pinpointed an exact style because so many types inspire me.”

Why did you choose this outfit? “I chose this outfit because I really like the golden yellow and the light blue together. As for the shorts, there are just days when I really want to wear shorts–even if it is really cold!” 🙂

Who are your favorite designers? “My favorite designers are Mara Hoffman for her fantastic mix of prints and Elie Saab because I think he has exquisitely simple designs that are beautifully embellished.”

Any favorite trends? “I can’t recall any favorite trends. I just see what’s out there and do it if I like it.”

If you could raid anyone’s closet who’s would it be? “I would raid… Audrey Hepburn’s closet. So simple and so classy and so much Givenchy! I would also raid an Indian woman’s closet. Is that weird? The saris are just too wonderfully colorful!”

 The Boots

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These boots have some attitude to them.

They aren’t your moms old boots.

They sort of have a cowgirl vibe with some edge.

The Cardigan, Shirt and Shorts

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So her awesome cardigan caught my attention with the awesome detailing.

The gems give it a playful touch and really give it a unique feel.

I don’t know anyone else who has that cardigan.

I am a fan of the golden yellow color. Really fun for Fall.

And did I say it was vintage! How cool!

Straight from the 1950’s. So classic.

The cardigan is a great layering piece over the stripped top.

Stripes are always a good choice in my book.

You can pair stripes with solid colors and add some pattern to your look.

The frayed denim shorts give it a relaxed feel; and denim goes with anything.

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Chloe says her style is whatever she is in the mood for that day; and I think this day she rocked it.

Super fun colors, prints, and jewels.

You can’t go wrong with jewels.

I want to go out and find my and embellished cardigan.

Or I’ll just go buy a plain one and bedazzle it myself.

Bedazzle…such a great word.

Anyways, it’s Friday.

Gotta get down on Friday.

Stay stylish and things of that nature…



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Summer to do: Tie-Dye.

Channel your inner artist, hippie, flower child, or free spirit  for a minute here.

This perfect summer activity/necessity is so much more than your 5th grade art project.

… or that one t-shirt you tie-dyed way back when at summer camp; yeah we all have them.

Tie dying is getting a make-over and it’s making a come back.

Not only is it super easy to do; but it’s super easy to wear in a fashionable way and not so much a “rock on” 90’s kid way.

You can virtually tie-dye anything and everything you want.

Check it:




all tops





Need I say more…

Tie Dye is super summer friendly and summer savvy.

To Dye For.
It’s about to get psychedelic.  


Tie dye prints are fun and colorful of course.

It leaves room for you to be totally creative and as color crazed as you want to be.

There’s no right or wrong way to make a killer tie dye print.





Tie dye prints can be subtle and soothing or loud and wild.

If you’re a fan of color which I’m sure most of you are; tie dying is the way to go this Summer.




Spice up your jean selection with some tie dye.

Turn up the volume and make a statement.


Get crafty.

Pull out an old pair of sneaks or shirts and give them a face lift and a little color.

Or go buy a oversized tee… dye it, cut it, braid it, and then use it as a swimsuit cover up.

Totally do-able, original, and versatile.


That’s a wrap.

Happy Thursday.

Happy tie dying.

Happy looking rad in your new tie dyed digs and things of that nature…



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