I’m seeing stripes.

It’s Friday.

Which means it’s the weekend.

Which means I have no cares in the world until Sunday night.


I made my way to Portland with the roommate and explored.

I love that city. So much.

We found ourselves on 23rd Street, got a parking spot within the first five minutes of being there (which is a miracle) and got to walking.

We started at Urban Outfitters, sailed through the sales racks and actually came out empty handed.

My wallet wasn’t too upset about that.

As we walked through the other clothing boutiques I started to notice a reoccurring theme with myself: stripes.

I was so drawn to stripes.

I stopped to look at all the striped shirts.

Didn’t matter what color, style, thickness of the stripes, or the fact that I may have one that looked identical…I was interested.

If you think about it, stripes look good with just about anything.

You can pair a striped tee with a solid color pair of jeans or a pair with a fun pattern or print.

Or if you want to reverse that, you can rock a pair of striped jeans with a fun top.

Despite the fact that you might feel a little like Beetlejuice if you wear striped pants, they are still awesome.

Anyways, I bought a striped shirt today.

It’s comfy and fantastic.

I will probably wear it tomorrow.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

There it is.

A simple black and white striped tee.

But it brings me so much joy inside.

I believe you can never go wrong with stripes.

Everyone can rock them and add their own flare and style.

Here are some pictures of super stripes.

I hope to spark some inspiration in your wardrobe’s life.




Stripes are for everyone.

You can layer them up for fall with fun scarves and jackets.

Get a skinny jean and a nice boot going and you are set to go!

Whether you want to start from the top and work your way down.

OR if you want to just rock a pair of striped pants.

I say go for it!

Be a fearless fashionista!

I hope you have found some inspiration to go out and find the perfect stripe.


Have fun.

Happy weekend!

Don’t get too crazy and things of that nature…



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