Monday Muse.

My weekend.

My weekend was full of laughter and stories.

My friend Christine made her way to my home in Washington from her home in Oregon.

We spent the weekend together catching up on each others lives.

It was great fun.

We did some shopping, went down to the river, got some henna tattoos, (which are one of my obsessions –  and have to do until I’m brave enough to get the real deal), adventured around a town called “Walla Walla”, and enjoyed not having to go to work.

Here are a few snapshots from this weekend.

I’m just reminiscing the fun times on this Monday.

Sappy comment alert.

Back to work I go.




I scored this awesome Levi’s denim bleached wash vest that I’ve been wanting for some time now.

It was on sale too.


I even found a delightfully interesting book that I am going to start reading this week called, “I Heart New York” by Lindsey Kelk.

Go look it up.

Or go read it.

I’m going to enjoy it while I go own our family’s annual camping trip.

I’ll let ya know how it goes.

Blog post to follow that for sure.

Side note, my hometown has some of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen.

I definitely try not to take those moments for granted.

God is beautiful.

I was so happy that Christine could come and enjoy my hometown this weekend, and I’m thankful God has blessed me with some great friends.

Well the sunshine is calling my name.

Gotta go.

Short and sweet.

I hope you all had fantastic weekends.

Happy Monday.

Keep it real today and things of that nature…



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One thought on “Monday Muse.

  1. It was GREAT FUN!!! 🙂

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