Dare I say it…

I’m already starting to look forward to going back to school!

Yeah I know. I never thought I would say that.

Listen here, it’s not because I hate being home or anything. No way. I mean don’t get me wrong…

there’s nothing about waking up for class or studying for a test or writing a paper that I miss.

I love sleeping in on a daily basis and living the good life while I’m home.

BUT I am excited because I get to share an awesome apartment with my awesome friend Christine and we’re gonna be awesome…drum roll…Seniors!

Last year of school ever.

So while I’m not working or trying to get my tan on, emphasis on trying; I have been out with my mom picking up a few things (and I really mean a few) for the apartment.

I don’t want to get too crazy yet.

I wanted to share them with all of you.

Take a gander.


So for starters we had to have the initials of our first names.

It totally takes me back to watching episodes of “The Hills” when Lauren and Audrina lived together and they were sporting the “L” and “A” above the couch.

Needless to say, they were my inspiration.

The letters are in a tealish color that I am loving right now.


Moving on to the bathroom.

I found this adorable bath mat at TJ Maxx and fell in love.

The colors are perfect. Teal, white and gray.

I almost don’t want to use it cause I don’t want it to get dirty.


I found this gem at Target.

It’s a blue ombre shower curtain.

I died.

I had to have it.

Pluuuuus it went with the bath mat. Talk about meant to be right?!

Raise your hand if you see a color theme here.

Just kidding.

Unless you really raised your hand, then you’re correct.


The shower curtain needs to be held up by just as awesome hooks.

No simple plastic hooks here.

These were also at Target and I love the Bohemian vibe they give off.

This bathroom is gonna be a dream.


Moving to the kitchen/dining table area.

LOOK at this adorable cake stand we found at TJ Maxx.

Target and TJ Maxx are reoccurring stores here. Stay with me.

I mean we would need to bake little cakes to put inside but if nothing else, it just looks good sitting there.

I’m thinking a really cute table decoration.



Even the kitchen sink is being thought of here.

My mom wins the prize for this find.

This is a genuine antique.

Vintage 50’s kitchen sink mat.

It’s pink!!!

So retro. So awesome. So rad. SO going in our apartment!!

So going back to the whole bit about being excited to go back to school…this is why!!

I am so looking forward to all the fun times and memories that are going to be made in this apartment with all our friends.

When it comes time to move back up there I will probably be wishing for one more week, but for right now I am not hating the idea of school.

On a totally unrelated but equally as important note, have you tried the new Starbucks Refreshers drink, “Valencia Orange”?!


If not, go get one!!

They are so refreshing and super yummy.

If you love the taste of citrus and orange, you will love this drink.

Its perfect for these hot summer days.

Anyways, that’s my life right now.

I should probably go think about something other than school.

We still have two months of summer left.

I hope you all are having a fantastic summer.

Make lots of memories and things of that nature…



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