Second star to the right…

and straight on till morning.

Name that movie!!!

yeah you’re right…

it’s Peter Pan!

The old Disney classic Peter Pan has been on TV lately and got me inspired to write about Peter Pan collars.

Peter Pan collars add that sophistication to any top, tank, dress or blouse.

It takes an ordinary top and adds a little bit of sass.

Sass is always encouraged. But only in moderation.

Too much sass is not cute.

Ya gotta have equal parts “class” to your “sass”.

peterpan12Peter Pan collars not only have the cutest name but they are better in groups.

Get your friends to wear them and you guys can match.

Just kidding. Kind of.

The more the merrier.

There can always be more than one Peter Pan collar per group.

Unlike fedora’s.

There can only be one per group.

For real though.

You guys aren’t the “rat pack”.


Fresh, retro, and ever evolving, Peter Pan collars have been a blast from the past and have a place in the current fashion trends.

I don’t think a Peter Pan collar will ever be unacceptable.

School, work, girls night out, dinner dates, your ten year high school reunion…you can wear a collar to all events in  your life.

I mean  maybe you don’t need to saturate yourself in collars, but learn to love them at the same time.

Super feminine and flattering on all body types.





I encourage all you fashionista and lovers of fairytales to rock the Peter Pan collar.

Play it up or keep it cool.

They bring a sense of childlike fun and playfulness to your outfit and will guarantee a good mood.


I hope you think happy thoughts and go on your own Peter Pan adventure.

Too cheesy?

Oh welllllll!

Happy Monday all. Embrace today and things of that nature…



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