Sunday Sweets.

I’m back baby.

Summer break is getting the better of me. Whoops.

Anyways, today is all about candy.

There’s man candy, arm candy, real candy (aka the best kind of candy) actually that’s debatable…

BUT today I’m talking about hand candy.

I might’ve just made that term up. Oh well. Even better.

Forget about the bracelets for a minute and turn your focus to your hands.

Hand candy can be the jewels, beads, tassels, dangles, that perfect clutch or anything your heart desires, you decorate your hands with.

In my opinion, an outfit is never really complete without a little hand candy.

I mean a good pair of jeans will take you places, but the jewels are the soul of your look.

The right accessory breathes life into the outfit.

Am I right?

I like to think the bigger the better.

You know what the say, the bigger the ring…well the bigger the ring.

Not sure where I was going with that.

But, I also appreciate a good simple ring or band. Equally chic and feminine.

Sometimes, and I really only means sometimes, less is more when it comes to your hand candy.

Usually it’s more fun to just go out with a bang.

Here are some deliciously lovely pictures of amazing hand candy for your viewing pleasures.


hand candyhand candy12hand candy7

The perfect mix of stones, gems, gold, silver, full finger and simple bands.

hand candy6hand candy5hand candy14

Clear crystal gems, bright neon colors, or earthy blue tones. You can’t go wrong.

Dress up your hands to match your personality or mood for the day.

 hand candy19hand candy21hand candy10

Mix and match rings for a organized cluster.

Mix golds and silvers if you dare.

Rock a three finger ring, or rock one ring on each finger.

hand candy20hand candy13hand candy16

hand candy 15hand candy4hand candy18hand candy17

Arm your hands with some fierce jewelry.

Don’t leave the house without it.

hand candy8

Trust me.

Your hands will thank you.

I mean, if they could.

Well it’s Sunday friends.

That means Sunday Funday.

I hope you enjoy this day God gave us and be sure to enjoy it with some good hand candy.

Don’t neglect your hands and things of that nature…



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