TGIF. Add a little Pep to your step.

A little Peplum to be exact.

Feminine, flirty, and fresh.

Peplums are my must have of the moment.

They say history often repeats itself; and that holds true with the Peplum.

Often seen around in the 80’s, it’s makin a comeback.

I couldn’t be more jazzed.

Yeah I just said jazzed.

Pep in your step.
Do you dare to flare?
Be a fearless fashionista.
Give into the Peplum.
Sure this is a bit of peer pressure…
but only in the best way.
You’ll thank me later.
afterlight (19)
I just got my hands on this pretty little thing from American Eagle.
I am in love with the soft shade of pink, the flirty ruffles at the bottom and the exposed zipper on the back.
It’s a win/win/win situation.
Peplums can be enjoyed by about all body types.
It’s a fabulous twist on the already feminine everyday blouse.
Pair your Peplum with:
  • shorts
  • cropped jeans
  • skinny jeans
  • any jean
  • layer over a skirt
  • add some sass with fun prints and bold colors
Or you could just wear a Peplum dress.
One stop shop.
So chic. So fun. So Vogue.
So easy to wear.
Maybe I said one too many “so’s”.
It’s Friday.
Tomorrow is Saturday and Saturday’s are great days to wear Peplums.
Just sayin.
Hope you had a splendid day and things of that nature…
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