Beaded heart baby.

I love beading.

I love dresses.

I LOVE beading on dresses.

It adds that sparkle and shine that every girl loves.

Super feminine and allows every girl to feel like a princess.


It’s sort of Roaring Twenties meets the 21st Century.  Old meets new. Vintage meets modern. Takes a new spin on the “Flapper” dress.

A beaded dress is perfect for all occasions….

Girls Night Out

First Date

Dinner and Drinks

Birthday Parties

 Dancing till you can’t feel your feet

Or just for the heck of it….cause you can.

I could go on.


Steal the attention of everyone this Spring/Summer with a show stopping beaded dress.

It’s not your mother’s summer dress.

It’s a pumped up version taking the fashion front by storm.


Now this last picture isn’t of a beaded dress BUT how major are these leggings?! I mean seriously. So rad.


A little beading can brighten your day.

Add a little texture to your life.

Step out of the box.

Beaded Heart Baby.
Have a lovely Sunday friends.
Enjoy life, the sunshine, beautiful beading and things of that nature…
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2 thoughts on “Beaded heart baby.

  1. Puts me in the mood for the Great Gatsby- I think beading will be everywhere this season!

  2. tbramson2b says:

    love the leggings!

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