It’s a Black&White affair.

Today is all about Black and White.

When you think Black and White (at least I do) I imagine referees for about any sporting event or the always classic, “prison stripe” look you would see in all the old movies.

But Black and White represent so much more than that.

They are Fashion Forward in every way.

These two colors could not be more opposite and you know what they say…opposites attract!

Black and White are trending this Spring/Summer and I want to bring you ways you can rock this style.

A little Strip and a little Solid

Pairing a striped blouse and a solid jacket is sure fire way to be on trend this spring. You are drawing attention to your stripes without overpowering those around you. blackandwhiteblackandwhite6

Out Pushing Daisies

Blacks and whites can be played up in a “graphic” nature with fun prints. Large scale floral prints bring an element of fun and funky vibes to your outfit.


Linear Lines

Now I know the stripes may be a little Beetlejuice-esque but bare with me here. Stripes create long linear lines for your legs giving off the illusion of long legs. All you need to complete the look is a solid color top and some jewelry to finish your statement.


Play with Patterns

Black and White is not only allowed with stripes. Adding a black and white skirt with a festive print can brighten up your day. Color block on top and add a fun skirt of pant on the bottom. You can also have fun with overall patterns.


Black&White Affair.
Black and White separate are one thing.
Together… they are another thing. Ha. Jokes.
But for real; together they are a perfect combination.
Sophistication at its finest.
Truly timeless looks and colors. Good for all seasons. Not only Spring/Summer.
Create a look that is you using only black and white. I bet it won’t be as hard as you think.
Go out and have yourself a Black&White Affair.
Happy Thursday friends.
Do something crazy and things of that nature…
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