Sunday Funday.

It’s almost 9 o’clock and I am feelin pretty happy.

Here’s why…

I applied to write for my college paper this coming school year and….I got the job!

I am so excited to see what the next year holds and I can’t wait to start writing and doing what I love.

Fingers crossed it will be all about Fashion. I feel like fashion gets lost somewhere between the pages of the book you’re studying out of, or the papers you’re writing for your Biology class. Or… whatever class. I feel like I’m always writing a paper for something. Good thing I kind of like it.

The plague of the “sweatshirt and jeans” combo. Come on people…live a little!

I want to bring back the idea that you can study your life away and look cute doing it.

College students are some of the most creative people in the world. We are taught to think outside of the box and I think that transfers over into what we wear. We are young, hip, technologically advanced beings and I think we can do a with a little remixing on the clothing front.

Not to say I’ve never worn and sweatshirt and jeans, but I like to think I enjoy dressing up everyday.

My hope is to bring a little more zest to life here on my college campus writing for the school paper.

God is so good to me. My dreams are becoming a reality. Slowly but surely.

Today I got to enjoy good friends company, went adventuring and  even had on a little photo shoot. Accompanied by Dutch Bro’s of course. Can’t go anywhere without my coffee.

Sorry bout it.

I enjoy days like today. Relaxing in some comfy socks and not being too busy, but busy enough spending quality time with friends that remind me how lucky I am and how much God has blessed me and my life.

Here’s a few pictures that sum of most of my day and a little sneak peek of tomorrows post…stay tuned.

afterlight (2)afterlight (3)afterlight (1)afterlight (4)

 I hope you all had a Sunday Funday and found a reason to smile today.

Have a swell night and things of that nature…



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