All over these Overalls.

My apologies for the late post. I am a college student after all. Gotta study sometime.

But let’s talk about a blast from the past. Overalls.

What’s your first thought when you hear the word “Overalls”?

I immediately am taken back to my child hood. I had a pair of bright orange overalls that I got from Target. Now let me tell you, I was in Elementary School and I just thought I was the bees knees in those orange overalls. Little miss fashionista from a young age. Good news friends, overalls are making a come back this Spring. Dig out your old overalls and prepare to remix them 2013 style.

All over these overalls.
Overalls are the answer when you want to slip on something fast but still remain stylish. Now the overalls we are seeing today are more chic than our 90’s digs but there is no reason not to re-use old overalls.
Some things you can experiment with this season with your overalls are pops of color , bold prints and stripes.
Overalls look killer with a crop top or layering over long sleeved knit shirts.  But let’s be real, they’re called “overalls”. They pretty much look great over all things.
Mixing prints  and colors may be a bit daring but do-able.
Here’s a couple examples of successfully mixing prints…
overalls6daisy overall
Be creative; have fun with it.
Now for all the lovers of the original denim overall…I see you. There are a few ways you can turn up the heat on your old overalls.
You can add a belt that accentuates the waistline and draws attention to the feminine figure which can get lost in boxy overalls.
Adding touches of jewelry helps bring color to the outfit and wearing a pretty blouse under the overalls also helps bring out the feminine accents.
overalls2overalls12overalls13denim overalldenim overall2
So there you have it. Did you just have some Deja Vu? I know I did, but I couldn’t be happier that overalls are coming back. An awesome DIY project would be to take overalls and cut them into short alls. If you cut them a little skewed just cuff the bottom. Easy fix. No one will know. Ha! Or fray the bottoms. Super cute.
A little Wednesday night project maybe.
Hope you all had a lovely day and things of that nature…
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