To Cuff or Not To Cuff? That’s the Question.

Cuffing your jeans is like the thing to do.

It’s something I love to do and see it everywhere I go.

Especially being around the Portland area.

Home of the Hipsterrrrrr.

If you’re drinking coffee and cuffing your jeans, you’re doing it right my friends.

“High water” jeans finally get their day in the sun. Cuffing your jeans so they lay just above the ankle is the sweet spot. This look is so easy.

Here’s what you do…

Step One: Cuff  the hem of your favorite pair of  jeans; preferably skinny or straight leg

Step Two: You’re done

It brings new life to that pair of jeans that you absolutely adore from like way back when but you’ve gotten taller so they are just a little on the short side.

Well now all you have to do is cuff the bottom and helllllo they are automatically socially acceptable again.

It’s a win/win situation for all involved.

cuffedjeanscuffedjeans2cuffedjeans5 cuffedjeans6

You can rock cuffed jeans with flats, heels, wedges, boots, sandals,  or even no shoes! Do that last one at your own risk. The possibilities are endless.

I love cuffing my jeans. Practically all the jeans I wear when I’m not wearing a dress are cuffed. I’ve become an addict.

Dudes. They know how to rock the cuffed look too. Something that I enjoy on guys is seeing them cuff their jean and then add a pop of color with some fun and festive socks. It’s totally eye catching and fun to see guys who take the time to think about what their wearing. Bravo to them. So effortless yet so put together.

Side note: Guys have the coolest shoes. For real though. Cuffed jeans and a solid boot or dress shoe is gold.


Go dig through your old jeans and give them new life or work with your current jeans.

Here’s an outfit inspiration for you I created…

You’ve done been cuffed.
That is all. Take care and things of that nature…
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