Monday Muse.

Rachel Zoe

 She is effortlessly chic and undeniably rad. I watched her TV show and have her styling book, “Style A TO ZOE”. You should read it. I’m kind of a mega fan. Whoops. She’s a celebrity stylist and for good reason. The woman can dress!!

She is always wearing her “sunnies”(sunglasses), has the perfect wave in her hair, and is usually carrying around Starbucks.

 Rachel Zoe is my hero. You better believe she wears her sunglasses at night.


Rachel Zoe is always wearing flowy and feminine dresses or some super bell bottomed bell bottoms. I feel like you never catch her in anything but some killer heels. Even on her sick days. Oh yeah, and did I mention she’s a mom. She manages to look adorable even with a kid on her hip. Inspiration I tell ya. I want to be that mom. No “mom jeans” for me thank you.


Accessories to her are like gems. She never is lacking in that department. In her book she talks about “accessories first, clothes later”. I thought that was so interesting because you would think it would be the other way around.

Sometimes you don’t have to go out and buy the latest trends because using a few awesome accessories can update your wardrobe in minutes.

Spice up a tee with a chunky necklace or a arm full of bracelets.

I’m a lover of rings and I am always wearing  one…or two or ten. Accessories take an ordinary outfit and make it new and refreshing. It adds a little bit of personalization.

Rachel Zoe has perfected this bohemian look with a bit of that Hollywood glam. I am absolutely in love with her and her style.

I dedicate this Monday to her.

I’ll leave you with this quote…


Happy Monday to all!!

Be merry and things of that nature…



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