TGIF. Now let’s get Vestive.

Vests aren’t just for the boys.

I am a believer in a festive vest. Maybe it’s because I’m a 90’s kid and denim was worn in many more ways than just your jeans. I recently got my hands on a floral print vest from PacSun and I am in love. I could wear this thing everyday. This vest has so many colors in it, I can wear it with practically anything I want. So versatile. SO spring.


I feel like denim vests are popping up at retailers everywhere and I keep having flashbacks to my “Clarissa Explains it All” days.


90’s shows were the best shows.

The Vest can be such a staple piece in your wardrobe. Vests are that perfect piece in the Spring when it may be just a little too cold to go without a jacket. Great for those Summer days because they are so light and you can go for a suede or crochet look instead of denim AND they transition back into early Fall where you can layer the heck out of them. You can ever go for fur. Faux of course.


It’s so simple.

For this Spring/Summer vests can be paired with (but is not restricted to):

  • Maxi or flirty dress
  • Rompers
  • Tank and skirt
  • T-shirt and shorts
  • Another vest…just kidding.

But seriously, this trend is so open to your own interpretation and flare. Be sure to finish the look off with some awesome foot wear (heels, flats, wedge, boot) and attention grabbing accessories. This look can be super feminine and super fun.  It has no limit. Here’s a look I created working around a denim vest on Polyvore.

Spring has Sprung

Be creative. Channel your inner rock star or your 90’s self. I know you have one.

Now go find a vest and things of that nature.

Happy Friday.



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One thought on “TGIF. Now let’s get Vestive.

  1. Lisa Nelson says:

    OHHHHkay..This is amazing! big things are a-brewing! Do YO THANG gURL! xoxo -L

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