Welcome to The Emerald City.

The Wizard of Oz was one of my all time favorite movies as a child. It pretty much still is. Who’s with me?? Aside from those infamous red heels, the Emerald City was so chic I can hardly stand it. Well turns out, they were way ahead of their time. Emerald has been named Pantone’s “color of the year” for 2013.

emerald bagemerald jewelryemerald pants

This color is so fresh and so vibrant and adds life to any outfit or room it’s in. I feel like Emerald is the older wiser sister to Mint. Spring is upon us and there is no better color than Emerald for this season.

Don’t let this bold color intimidate you. This color knows no age and knows no limits. You can start somewhere safe and comfortable. You could try incorporating Emerald into your accessories. Add a few Emerald bangles here and there or try a statement piece of jewelry and try wearing a large Emerald ring. Or you could try a nice pair of Emerald flats. Harmless yet fashion forward. Trendy and comfy. What more could you want?

emerald ring  emerald flat

For the fearless in fashion, I applaud you and encourage you to spread your wings and find and wear as much Emerald as you can.

Try out this eye shadow…

emerald eye

Or this dress which is to die for…

emerald dress

I want it.

I feel a modern day Wizard of Oz coming on…and I’m not talking about the remake that recently came out. Sorry ’bout it. I’m just a die hard fan for the original.

Anyways I’m going to go paint my nails. Betcha can’t guess what color. Maybe you can.

Go forth. Be Emeralds and things of that nature…



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3 thoughts on “Welcome to The Emerald City.

  1. jackieOh says:

    Yeaaaaaaah buddy!!! *fustpump* ❤

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